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Who am I?

B.I.G. - Business Internal Growth SYSTEM creator, consultant and advisor, mother of two growing sons.

As a consultant, trainer and mentor, I have come to understand that many entrepreneurs do not have a system or mechanism to see the so-called big picture. Something which would show both the weaknesses and strengths of the business and help companies to achieve goals and growth more efficiently and quicker.

I train business managers from any field of activity to grow their companies. I help to prepare effective action plans and teach other people to notice and achieve success step by step.

For this purpose, I have developed the B.I.G. - Business Internal Growth SYSTEM, which includes an assessment of the current situation of seven topics and the practical steps necessary for the implementation of an effective action plan. These seven topics are values, communication, goals, people, processes, resources and risks.

As a child, living in the countryside and growing up in a large family, I was involved in hard physical work and learned to keep together and share. I started my working career as a cleaner and seamstress' assistant.

Today, I am an entrepreneur and consultant, and before that I worked for many years as a supervisor in various companies. My last job was at Saint-Gobain.

In my life I have had many ups and downs, and it is thanks to my personal journey, the failures I have experienced (including as an entrepreneur) that I am now able to help other people.

I have come to study psychology and human behavior while raising a child with special needs. The personal experience of dealing with adversity has shaped me into the counselor I am today. I sense how to help others and believe that even the most complex problems can be overcome in just few simple steps

I also guide stuck people in private consultations, I teach adults to see the patterns that inhibit happiness and success in their lives, and I help them break out of those patterns.

As a trainer and speaker, I have performed at Estonian Chamber of Commerce trainings, thematic podcasts and several other public events. My articles have been published in the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry magazine Teataja and in the newspaper Äripäev. My working languages ​​are Estonian, English and Russian.

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